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Enuresis in pregnancy

Enuresis during pregnancy is a very common problem. The more pregnancies a woman carries and the more it ages, the more likely development during the next pregnancy enuresis. The cause of enuresis in pregnancy is to increase the level of progesterone hormone, it stimulates the increase in the tone of the bladder. As the baby growing in the womb pelvic organs are compressed, the muscles weaken, and manifests enuresis. The closer delivery, the greater the risk of pregnancy enuresis.


How to behave in a pregnant woman, if she came enuroez during pregnancy. Follow hygiene - a priority. Use panty liners and frequent changes of underwear for such period the necessity, as well as cleaning the external genitals several times a day. Urine must be emitted at the first sign of the need, the fullness of the bladder should be minimal. You can also perform a set of exercises for the muscles of the perineum.

Enuresis Treatment during pregnancy is not usually used, it is considered a normal physiological phenomenon. The usual treatment of enuresis can not be used during pregnancy, no antidepressants or other medicines. But if the cause of enuresis in pregnancy are inflammatory and other diseases, then treatment is necessary. Pregnancy may be accompanied by worsening of diseases of the genitourinary system, if they have been up to this period. During pregnancy, a woman needs to deal with the prevention of enuresis.

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